• Zipp SLSpeed bottlecage
  • Zipp Carbon bottlecage
    Zipp Carbon bottlecage

    The perfect accent for Zipp® wheels is a sturdy and secure 21 gram full-carbon bottle cage that also happens to look really cool.

    High-strength design withstands years of abuse and a grippy shape holds firmly while giving you an…

    € 44,50
  • Zipp Alumina bottlecage
  • Lightweight Edelhelfer bottlecage
    Lightweight Edelhelfer bottlecage

    As a fan of Lightweight, you are just as attentive to detail as we are. Like us, you focus not only on design, but also on function – on saving every last gram of weight. For that precise reason, we have taken a closer look at…

    € 85,00
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